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"In September 2010, a groundbreaking International Gathering for Rights of Nature met in Patate, Ecuador. The gathering included individuals and organizations from four continents who have worked to promote the recognition of Rights of Nature. Participants traveled from South Africa, the United States, Australia, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador to participate. Their intention was to explore ways to expand the concept of Rights of Nature as an idea whose time has come. They recognized the unique opportunity to further galvanize the momentum of Ecuador’s recent adoption of Rights of Nature in its Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth from the People’s Conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and growing community developments in the United States. Out of this four-day meeting, the Global Alliance for Rights of Nature was formed...

"The Global Alliance also aims to become a platform to share the experience and expertise of its Founding Members. Among these organizations are: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund [CELDF] in the United States, which helps community groups and municipalities write and adopt laws that assert community rights, including the rights of nature; Fundación Pachamama and Pachamama Alliance that promoted the incorporation of Rights for Nature into the Ecuadorian Constitution; and EnAct International whose Director, Cormac Cullinan wrote the groundbreaking book Wild Law, A Manifesto for Earth Justice which played a significant role in informing and inspiring a growing international movement to recognize Rights for Nature." [1]

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