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"The Global Poverty Project is the vision of Hugh Evans and Simon Moss, both of whom were intimately involved in the Australian MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaign. These two campaigners are committed to ending extreme poverty, and believe that citizens from around the world can make this vision a reality." [1]


Accessed March 2011: [2]

The UK Team

UK Presenters


Accessed March 2011: [3]

Content Advisory Panel

  • Alan Court, Senior Advisor to the UN Secretary General's Special Envoy for Malaria
  • Hans Rosling, Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institute; Director Gapminder Foundation
  • Jeffrey Sachs, Senior Advisor on Development and the Millennium Development Goals to the UN Secretary General and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University
  • Michael Wilson, ADG Asia Bilateral Branch, AusAID
  • Sakiko Fukada-Parr, Professor of International Affairs, The New School, Graduate Program in International Affairs

Global Activation Advisory Panel

Thematic Content Advisors

  • David Bussau, Co-Founder of Opportunity International
  • Greg Thompson, Chairman of Transparency International
  • James Wicken, Head of Policy and Advocacy, WaterAid Australia
  • Joel Negin, Lecturer in International Public Health, University of Sydney
  • Kate Nethercott, Gender Specialist and former Gender Advisor to AusAID
  • Lucia Fry, Policy Officer, Global Campaign for Education
  • Michael D'Rosario, Lecturer in Economics & Finance Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University
  • Paul Deany, Advocacy Coordinator of CBM Australia

Production Advisors

Public Attitude Research Advisors

  • Kizzy Gandy, Doctoral candidate in political psychology and international relations, Australian National University
  • Emma Thomas, Research Associate, Regulatory Institutions Network, Australian National University
  • Damon Jalili, Senior Research Executive, GA Research

UK Activation Advisory Panel



Resources and articles

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