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The Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) "is an independent think tank based in Berlin and Geneva. Our mission is to develop innovative strategies for effective and accountable governance and to achieve lasting impact at the interface of the public sector, business and civil society through research, consulting and debate...

"The Global Public Policy Institute is a Principal Partner of the International Relations and Security Network." [1]

"The Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) opened its Berlin office in October 2003...

"GPPi builds on the work of the Global Public Policy Project. Based in Washington D.C., this project was undertaken in 1999 under the leadership of Wolfgang Reinicke, who was then with the World Bank’s Corporate Strategy Unit. As part of the "UN Vision Project" it was sponsored by the UN Foundation and received additional support from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Aventis Foundation.

"The goal of the UN Vision Project was to provide strategic guidanceassist the United Nations in reflecting on its global role at the turn of the Millennium. The project’s team included Jan Martin Witte, Thorsten Benner, Charlotte Streck and Soren Buttkereit. They commissioned about 20 case studies on new forms of collaboration between the public sector, civil society, and business. Based on these case studies, the project prepared a report for the UN Secretary General on the contribution of global public policy networks to addressing global challenges.

"The Global Public Policy Project’s final report ("Critical Choices. The United Nations, Networks, and the Future of Global Governance") was published by IDRC in early 2000." [2]

GPPi Advisory Board

Accessed September 2007: [3]



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