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"The Global Revolutionary Alliance and Eurasian Movement are united by uncompromising hatred toward the main enemy — the global liberal oligarchy and New World Order... In the 20th century revolt against the modern world, proclaimed by great traditionalists Rene Guenon and Julius Evola, was a form of protest, rebellion against the reality, deprived of its sacro-centric dimension. Now, in the 21st century, we rebel against post-modern world, that has turned into a spiritless desert. And the goal of our International Conference was finding out, how do Tradition and traditionalism should we effectively treat the postmodern era. This issue was reviewed in the speeches of Claudio Mutti, Sheiks Pallavicini, Alexander Dugin, Christian Bouchet, Geidar Dzhemal, Laurent James, Valeriy Korovin, Israel Shamir and dozens of other participants. It became clear for everyone, that Russia becomes a bastion of traditionalism. Sheikh Pallavicini expressed his admiration of the unique school of traditionalism, created by the philosopher Alexander Dugin. I think, that the next conference, that will take place in 2012, will bring many more people, and, perhaps, will reveal to us new names." [1] (A interview with Natella Speranskaja)

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