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Global Strategies Group (GLOBAL), formerly Global Risk Strategies, was established in 1998 and today is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated security and technology for clients operating in high-stakes situations – when the problem is complex, when the mission is vital and when ingenuity is key. It empowers its clients to achieve their toughest goals by strengthening national security, transforming critical environments and enabling opportunities.

GLOBAL integrates industry-leading security services and technologies to enable its clients to accelerate mission success and develop new opportunities where risk may have previously been too high. Its work with governments and their military and civil departments, the aid and development community, clients in the energy sector and many other major multinational enterprises, often leads GLOBAL to extreme, even unique situations.

GLOBAL employs over 2,500 personnel on projects in places such as the Middle East, Africa, Central and South Asia, North America and Europe.

GLOBAL's former wholly-owned North American subsidiary, Global Defense Technology & Systems, Inc. (GTEC), completed an initial public offering on November 25, 2009. GLOBAL continues to be a significant shareholder of GTEC. For further information, please visit

GLOBAL is currently engaged in multiple projects in national security, critical infrastructure protection and in the energy sector in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Liberia and beyond. Projects include the provision of security services at Kabul and Kandahar airports; the provision of security, quality assurance, helicopter and fixed wing assets to a major reconstruction programme in Afghanistan; the protection of critical infrastructure at an oil palm plantation in Nigeria; designing security solutions for a major oil and gas client in Basra, Iraq.

During the 2000s, GLOBAL managed several major programmes of international significance, including the provision of logistics and operational support in support of the first Afhgan presidential elections; security and operational management at Baghdad International Airport; and the enhancement of border security in Mozambique.

Securing the Election Process in Afghanistan


Along with the Asia Foundation, Global provided "invaluable advice and assistance" to the Joint Electoral Management Body Secretariat. JEMBS is a partnership between Afghan professionals and UN advisors planning for voter registration and the election process. GLOBAL had ninety-three professional field-based operational and logistical experts with a staff in Kabul and teams in all eight regions and thirty-two of the thirty-four provinces. By May of 2004, GLOBAL had evaluated over two-thousand sites, some deep in the Central Highlands. [1]

Among the tasks involved in identifying and assessing potential voter registration sites:

  • Creating liasions with local leaders and the police
  • Determining each site's longitude and latitude
  • Outlay of site and condition of roads leading to it
  • Investigating entry and exit points
  • Analyzing threat assessment levels
  • Provide recommendations on the suitability of the site

Other tasks include:

  • Providing logistical and operational support to the registration process
  • Communication and coordination
  • Training and security advice
  • Staffing issues
  • Accessing conditions on the ground, weather conditions, local attitudes, and the presence of military forces opposed to the election process
  • Distributiuon of civic information

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