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Goran Perčević

"Born on September 8th, 1965 in Belgrade. Graduated from Faculty of Law in Belgrade. Lectured Constitution Law at Police Academy and Industrial Law at Faculty of Management, Megatrend University, Belgrade. Member of Serbian Parliament and Federal Assembly of FR Yugoslavia. He was chairman of Jurisdiction Committee in Federal Assembly of FR Yugoslavia and president of Legislature Board. Member of Foreign Economic Relations Board in Serbian Chamber of Commerce. He was vice president of Yugoslav group in Inter-Parliamentary Union and he participated in conferences in Istanbul, Madrid, La Valetta and New York. He met numerous world leaders, such as Greek president Papoulias, Polish president Kwaśniewski, Bulgarian president Parvanov, Romanian president Iliescu, Speaker of the State Duma Rybkin, Speaker of Israeli Assembly Dan Tichon, President of the Bundestag Rita Süssmuth et al. such as Oscar Lafontaine, Simon Peres, Robin Cook and other members of governments and parliaments from all over the world. He arranged publishing and wrote prefaces for Serbian issues of Simon Peres’, Vladimir Putin’s and David Rockefeller’s book as well as book by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I. He is author of numerous articles on topics such as electorial system, monarchy, modern social-democracy etc. As president of Publishing Board of BNG company, he has organized publishing of books by Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Romano Prodi et al. Today Goran Percevic is general director of Interkomerc, one of the oldest Serbian foreign-trade companies." [1]

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