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Gordon Berlin "became president of MDRC September 1, 2004. Prior to becoming president, he served as MDRC's chief operating officer, overseeing MDRC's activities in the Work, Community, and Economic Security policy area and in the Education, Children, and Families policy area. His responsibilities included planning, developing, and managing new projects and directing the organization’s ongoing work related to the hard-to-employ, low-income workers, community employment initiatives, child development, marriage, whole-school reform, and instructional improvement. Before joining MDRC in 1990, Berlin was Executive Deputy Administrator for Management, Budget and Policy at the New York City Human Resources Administration. He also worked as a program officer and Deputy Director of the Ford Foundation’s Urban Poverty program and as a program analyst and project officer in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. Throughout his career, Berlin has developed and managed programs to address problems associated with welfare dependency, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, early childhood development, poverty, health and unemployment, and other issues of concern to low-income families and communities. He founded and, for seven years, served as the Executive Director of the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, a Canadian nonprofit formed at the request of the Canadian government to test innovative employment-focused programs. Berlin has authored and coauthored numerous publications on employment and social welfare issues." [1]

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