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Grassroots Democrats, a 527 committee, is another voter contact organization like America Coming Together (ACT).

"Recent tensions between ACT and the state party leaders in Iowa and Michigan may work to the advantage of another organization, Grassroots Democrats, run by Amy Chapman, who has strong ties to organized labor. Chapman's group has the goal of channeling $12 million in contributions to state parties." [1]

In his June 19, 2003, USA Today article "Group arises to boost Dems' chances in 2004," Jim Drinkard writes: [2]

"A group of powerful Democrats, including labor union chiefs and wealthy donors, is forming a political organization to raise money and improve the party's chances in the 2004 presidential election and other federal, state and local races. [3]

"The group, Grassroots Democrats, won't be formally launched until later in the summer, but it has rented offices, hired key staff and begun organizing to raise millions of dollars. [4]

"The group plans to forgo the glitz of TV advertising. Instead, it will focus on shoe-leather politics: identifying voters friendly to Democrats, registering them to vote and getting them to the polls, said Joe Carmichael, who is stepping down as vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee to co-chair the new group." [5]

"His co-chair is Morton Bahr, Communications Workers of America president. Also on the board is Gerald McEntee, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) president. Other board members from outside the labor movement will be announced in coming weeks, Carmichael said." [6]

"Among the new group's services will be helping state Democratic parties raise a new category of soft money that is permitted under the law for get-out-the-vote work in connection with federal elections, Carmichael said. The law allows donors to give up to $10,000 a year to each state or local party committee for that purpose, but many local groups are confused about how to take advantage of the option." [7]



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