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GreenTree Communications is a small PR firm based in Maine.


On its website the company states that it was established in 1980 and "provides public relations and investor relations services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies exclusively on a per project basis." [1]

The examples Greentress lists on its website indicate that much of its work is in promoting companies to investors via the media. "When a client’s stock price languished, threatening the execution of outstanding warrants, GreenTree beefed up the company’s communications efforts to reassure shareholders and brokers that the company was on track. The result: the stock moved from $0.40 to $6.00 and the warrants were exercised," it states. [2]

However, some of its work is also directed at countering efforts by citizens directed at its clients. "When activists tried to tie up regulators and threatened a boycott of produce treated with a new agricultural product, GreenTree designed a communications program to reassure growers and disarm the activists. Early results: regulatory agencies continue to confer product approvals and growers and food processors show no signs of dumping the product," it states on its website. [3]



Given the small size of the company it is presumed that this is a historical client list featuring clients worked for at some time in the last 25 years. GreenTree Communications is not listed in either the Holmes Report database of PR companies or that of O'Dwyers PR Daily which lists 400 PR companies.

  • Alkermes, Inc.
  • Armor Pharmaceutical Company
  • Apollo BioPharmaceutics, Inc.
  • Atlantic Salmon of Maine
  • Auxein Corporation
  • Cellmark Diagnostics (Division of ICI Americas Inc.)
  • CorMedica Corporation
  • Damon Biotech, Inc.
  • Damon Corporation
  • Domain Associates
  • Ecogen Inc.
  • Embrex Inc.
  • Emerald BioAgriculture Corporation
  • EnSys Inc.
  • Florence Medical, Inc.
  • Focus Technologies, Inc.
  • Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Hoffman-La Roche Inc.
  • Institut Merieux
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • LeukoSite, Inc.
  • Maine Biotechnology Information Bureau
  • Merck & Company, Inc. (International Division)
  • National Patent Dental Products, Inc.
  • Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Parke Davis
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Pharmacia Inc.
  • R.P. Scherer North America
  • Synaptic Pharmaceutical Corporation
  • VIMRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Contact details

P.O. Box 499
Stonington, ME 04681-0499
Phone:(207) 367-5902
Fax: (207) 367-2720
Email: info AT