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"GREEN BY NAME, GREEN BY NATURE: All our recent books (where the publisher is listed as ‘Green Books’) are printed on FSC or recycled paper. All the printers we currently use are within 150 miles as the crow flies from our offices in Devon, and they use vegetable–based inks. We don’t print overseas, thus reducing ‘book miles’ and our carbon footprint.

"The Directors of Green Books are Satish Kumar (Chairman), Michael Holloway, Michael Bennie, Kay Dunbar, Rob Hopkins and John Elford (Managing Director)." [1]

"In late 1986, Satish Kumar, Diana Schumacher and other members of the Council of the Schumacher Society felt the time was right to launch a book publishing company that would help to spread Green ideas and practices. A limited company was set up, and an appeal for funds made to the readers of Resurgence magazine, the pioneering ecological and spiritual magazine edited by Satish.

The initial finance was raised, and the company’s offices were established in a converted barn next to the house in which Satish and his family live, in the small village of Hartland in north Devon. At the time the Schumacher Society was also run from the offices; the close relationship between Resurgence, Green Books and the Schumacher Society has continued ever since...

"Green Books is one of the members of The Schumacher Circle, an informal network set up in 1994 to bring together a number of organisations which owe their existence to, or have been greatly inspired by, the work of E.F. Schumacher. The other members are The Soil Association, Practical Action (formerly Intermediate Technology), Jeevika Trust UK (formerly the India Development Group), The Centre for Alternative Technology, The New Economics Foundation, Schumacher College, The Schumacher Society and Resurgence magazine." [2]



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