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Some European examples of greenwashing include:

  • Airbus for a series of adverts in which passenger jet silhouettes are filled with beautiful landscapes, pretending that their aeroplanes are green and clean;
  • BAE Systems for promoting deadly weapons as environmentally friendly;
  • BP and Greenwashing tells the story of how "British Petroleum" was re-branded BP, along with its PR tag line, "Beyond Petroleum";
  • Exxon Mobil for purporting it is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions while in reality its emissions are increasing;
  • The German Atomic Forum for its campaign "unloved climate protectionists", abusing the public's concern about climate change to promote nuclear energy;
  • Shell for an advert suggesting that their oil refineries emit flowers not smoke.

(See Friends of the Earth Europe, Corporate Europe Observatory)

Greenwashing Case studies

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