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Group W Advisors, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Wilkes Corporation of Poway, California.


"Among K Street’s hundreds of lobbying shops, Group W Advisors stands out because it does not exist in the virtual universe," Roxanna Tiron wrote December 6, 2005, in The Hill. "These days, however, the firm may not want to boast about its lucrative government contracts, for Group W Advisors is owned by Brent Wilkes, who has become entangled in the bribery allegations that last week forced the resignation of Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.)."

"While [Wilkes'] ADCS Inc. won contracts, Group W Advisors was employing Alexander Strategy Group, a well-known conduit to Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas), to lobby on defense appropriations. Group W Advisors has paid Alexander Strategy Group $620,000 since 2002," Tiron wrote.


  • Active Lobbying Registrants, Public Disclosure, U.S. House of Representatives: Group W Advisors, Inc. : Perfect Wave Technologies and Pure Aqua Technologies (both of which belong to the Wilkes Corporation). [1]

Political Donations

  • Mark Turok, Group W Advisors/Legislative Analyst (2004) [2]

Contact Information

14020 Thunderbolt Place, Suite 200
Chantilly, VA 20151
Phone: 703 234-9790
Fax: 703-234-9719

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