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Group W. Media Productions, Inc., a "full service new media marketing company specializing in marketing, communication, technology, and graphic design," has been a member of the Poway Chamber of Commerce since 2004. [1]

Group W to Abramoff

Between 1994 and 2001, California Republican Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham's House Appropriations Committee "repeatedly added funding to the Pentagon budget for a previously non-existent (prior to 1995) software company, ADCS, owned by the 'Wilkes Corporation,' a private company (natch) owned by San Diego businessman Brent R. Wilkes," Daniel Hopsicker reported November 30, 2005, for Mad Cow Productions.

"The money then made a short trip—courtesy the wonders of modern accounting—from one of Brent Wilkes pants pocket to another, called 'Group W Advisors,' which proceeded to obligingly send hundreds of thousands of dollars in 'client fees' annually to The Alexander Strategy Group, a lobbying and consulting firm currently under scrutiny in the Justice Department's investigation of Casino Jack Abramoff," Hopsicker wrote.

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Group W Media
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