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HEAL Africa "was born (1994) out of a vision to upgrade rural health care by re-training medical practitioners. Over this 12 year period, the vision has matured. Congolese orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jo Lusi, the co-founder, and his wife, Lyn Lusi, recognized that a far more radical approach was required. To significantly impact health long-term, disease must be addressed at its roots; the community must be involved and engaged, and cultural values, attitudes and practices examined. In 2005, DOCS changed its name to HEAL Africa, to more accurately reflect its holistic vision...

"HEAL Africa works with all of the local faith-based communities (Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, and Kimbanguist) and is supported by international organizations such as UNICEF, USAID, IRC, World Bank, German Development Bank, the Clinton Foundation and many individuals and churches to rebuild the spiritual, social and economic fabric of society." [1]


Accessed October 2007: [2]

Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

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