Hanaa Edwar

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Hanaa Edwar is General Secretary for the Iraqi Al-Amal Association, a non-governmental organization dedicated to medical, social, cultural, and educational reconstruction projects that improve the socioeconomic conditions of the Iraqi people.

"She cofounded a number of organizations, including the Arab Women’s Court, formed in Beirut in 1996 with the aim of combating violence against women; the Arab Non-Governmental Network for Development, which supports, enables, and empowers Arab civil societies in their quest for democracy, human rights, and sustainable development; and Beit Khanzad, an Erbil-based shelter for women and children.

"Ms. Edwar sits on the presidency council of Asuda, an NGO based in Suliamania working to combat violence against women, and was recently elected president of the Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity. [1]

Hanaa Edwar, is also founder of the Iraqi Women's Network that worked with 100 women's NGOs in Iraq to make their needs known in the drafting of the Iraqi constitution.

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