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Hans Schoepflin, of the Schoepflin Foundation is, according to his biography on the Natural Capital Institute website, "the founder and president of Panta Rhea Foundation, a family foundation which strives to create social change by supporting a broad spectrum of projects, including the environment; youth, arts, and education; corporate and market campaigns; and alternative media. His particular interests seek long term solutions that raise public awareness and involve community participation while remaining committed to methods that are ecologically sound. His approach is rooted in relationships with the grassroots, with local and regional NGOs, and with global communities. In all his activist work, Hans supports change that protects the global commons while improving the quality of life for present and future generations." [1]

Panta Rhea Foundation is based in Sausalito, California [2] and was founded by Natural Capital Institute board member Hans Schoepflin, the initial funder of the Business Ethics Network. The foundation is a member organization of the Environmental Grantmakers Association and a major funder of WiserEarth. [3]


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