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The Hart Group (Hart Security Limited) is a private military corporation/security firm. Its website states, "Hart specialises in mitigating security risk globally, across land, sea and air." [1]


The Hart Group was established by Richard N. Bethell in July of 1999 and registered in Bermuda after his departure from Defence Systems Limited in 1997. Bethell, a former SAS officer and recently elevated to Lord Westbury, is a veteran of the private military industry.[1]

They have hired from the South African pool of soldiers as was revealed when Gray Banfield, an employee and former member of SA's Apartheid era Project Barnacle, was killed in Iraq in April 2004.[2][3] The increase in live fire initiated discussions to allow security forces to up their firepower. [4]

Hart has operated in Kenya [5]. They are currently providing armed protection in Iraq.

Bethell went on to address the range of security needs that became so apparent after 9/11 by launching the marine security company Global Marine Security Systems Company in a partnership between Hart, Tufton Oceanic Limited and Energy Transportation Group, Inc. The new company will address the dangers imposed on the transportation of hazardous and explosive materials like Liquified Natural Gas. [6][7]

Hart is a member of the International Peace Operations Association and the Private Security Company Association of Iraq.

Contact details

22 Quayside Lodge
William Morris Way
London SW6 2UZ
United Kingdom
Phone: 44 (0)20 7751 0771
Fax: 44 (0)20 7384 0501
Email: uk AT hartsecurity.com
Web: http://www.hartsecurity.com

Offices also in Cyprus, USA, Mexico, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Russia, and Australia

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