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Hayden Cock was appointed as corporate affairs director for the Melbourne City Council in December 2005. His salary package has been reported as being in the order of $A200,000. [1]

Before joining the MCC he worked at the Melbourne-based public relations and media training company, Media Manoeuvres.

Prior to that Cock had been a principal in the Melbourne-based Stratcom Consulting which merged with the Sydney-based Communiqué Public Relations in late 1997. The merged company, Stratcom Communiqué, was taken over by Fleishman-Hillard (FH) in April 2001. In the announcement F-H Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John D. Graham stated that Cock and the other founding partners of Stratcom Communiqué "will continue in management positions in the new company, which will initially operate as Fleishman-Hillard Stratcom Pty Ltd." [2]

Crisis Management

In an interview in 2003 for Fleishman-Hillard Stratcom's in-house journal, Cock stated that "in a court of law, you're innocent until proved guilty. In the court of public opinion, you're guilty until proved innocent." [3]

"Professional communication management during a critical incident limits the damage to the reputations of the company and its executives and makes it easier to restore a brand's reputation afterwards," he said. [4]

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