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The Health Group exists 'to provide quality information to all parliamentarians on health and related issues in order to generate greater awareness of, and participation in, the national healthcare agenda'


Networking for Industry provides administrative assistance (office space, computer, telephone and secretarial services). £5,000 per annum from each of the following: AstraZenica, BT Health, BUPA, Close Healthcare Finance, GSK, Huntleigh Healthcare, Kimberly-Clark, Lundbeck, Napp, Northgate Information Solutions, Pfizer, PPP Healthcare, WCI, Wyeth, Xograph, Zurich Financial Services; plus an additional £15,000 from Wyeth (registered November 2002).

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Andrew Bonser and Alex Micklewright are both employed by Networking for Industry (a not-for-profit company that raises awareness of issues affecting British manufacturing).