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Herbert I. London is the President Emeritus[1] of the Hudson Institute and a contributor to a number of conservative publications including National Review and American Spectator. [2].

London is the former John M. Olin Professor of Humanities at New York University and a graduate of Columbia University. [4]

London is a member of the National Advisory Council, listing his role as President of the Hudson Institute, of the pro-Social Security privatization group, For Our Grandchildren. [3]



Query to Jeffry Sachs

In a presentation by Jeffry Sachs to the Council on Foreign Relations London asked "why aren’t you considering the private assistance that occurs in remittances, that occurs in church-related activities, that occurs with foundations that are giving support? Because countries like Japan and Norway, which are regarded as very generous in their foreign aid—do not have the same kind of contribution." [6].

Sachs responded: "I think if you would get us the numbers on Africa, it would be very interesting. My sense that it’s a very, very small number."

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Website: www.herblondon.org

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