Historic Poultry Publications

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Historic Poultry Publications


  • Michael K. Boyer, "All about broilers and market poultry generally," published in 1891 by C.C. DePuy, Syracuse, NY.[1]
  • J.H. Davis, "A.B.C. of Poultry Culture," published in 1894.[2]
  • Michael K. Boyer, "A living from poultry," published in 1896 by I.S. Johnson, Boston, MA.[3]
  • A Few Hens - published monthly 1897-1902


  • John Henry Robinson, "First lessons in poultry keeping. Second year course," published in 1906.[4]
  • American Poultry World - 1909-1917


  • American standard of perfection. 1910.[5]
  • "A chance for the hen in northern New England," published in 1910 by Boston and Maine Railroad. Industrial Dept.[6]
  • G. M. Gowel, Edward Corning, and Gardner Corning, "$6.41 per hen per year: the Corning egg-book: illustrating the poultry methods originated by the late Prof. G.M. Gowell, of Maine, and perfected by Edward and Gardner Corning," published in 1911 by Wilmer Atkinson Co, Philadelphia.[7]
  • Edgar Warren, "200 eggs a year per hen, how to get them: a practical treatise on egg making and its conditions and profits in poultry" published in 1912 by C.C. DePuy, Syracuse, NY.[8]
  • Tom Barron, "A complete treatise of the methods used by Tom Barron, England, in producing heavy layers," published in 1914.[9]
  • Wallace V. Wolvin, "$100 hen, how to get her," 1912.[10]
  • "A Bird in the Hand," published in 1918.[11]
  • T. E. Quisenberry, The American School of Poultry Husbandry Lessons Nos. 12 and 13: The Science of Feeding, General Course in Poultry Husbandry, Leavenworth, KS, 1918.


  • French, K. M. (1981). Practical poultry raising. (L. Ritter, Ed.). Washington, D.C.: Peace Corps Information Collection & Exchange.[12]

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