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Writing in his 1992 book, Make-Believe Media: The Politics of Entertainment, Michael Parenti notes:

"Today, very little of our make-believe is drawn from children's games, storytelling, folktales, and fables, very little from dramas and dreams of our own making. Instead we have the multibillion-dollar industries of Hollywood and television to fill our minds with prefabricated images and themes." (p.1)

Hollywood Actors/Activists

Dan Brockington writes in 2008 that:

"Support for environmental causes is prominent, too, among some of the world’s better-known entertainment celebrities, often closely linked to particular NGOs. ... There are also Hollywood actors, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, who support groups including the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC), International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Diane Fossey Foundation, and Robert Redford, who also supports the work of the NRDC as does Pierce Brosnan (also on the advisory board of the Sea Shepherds). Harrison Ford is Vice-President of Conservation International and has received numerous awards for his conservation work. Actress Stefanie Powers supports the William Holden Foundation. Angelina Jolie sponsors her own wildlife project in Cambodia and initiatives in Namibia. The musician Sting set up the Rainforest Foundation for which musicians including James Taylor, Sheryl Crow and Billy Joel perform in annual concerts. Other charities, including TNC, Wild Aid, the Murry Foundation and many more, devote special space on their website to list the celebrities who support them or to display special messages from them." [1]


Hollywood and the Military/CIA

Other Critical Resources

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