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"HomeCome is a private housing company that works with Leicester City Council to provide good quality homes for rent at affordable levels for people on the Council's housing register.

"The landlord of the property is HomeCome. Leicester City Council is the managing agent on behalf of HomeCome, which means HomeCome buys its management and repairs service from the Council." [1]   According to a 2014 article titled "Britain's richest MP wants to gag press and prevent stories which might embarrass politicians" in the Daily Mirror, Homecome had received £808,842 from the council. Other groups in Leicester listed by the paper included: Name Redacted, £287,448; Name Redacted, £230,207; Hand To Hand Ltd, £200,301; Shonki Brothers (Leicester) Ltd, £134,917. For further criticisms.


Accessed July 2014: [2]

Current Directors

Past Directors


Web: http://www.leicester.gov.uk/your-council-services/housing/council-housing/homecome/

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