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The 'Humanitarian Policy Group "is one of the world's leading teams of independent researchers and information professionals working on humanitarian issues. It is dedicated to improving humanitarian policy and practice through a combination of high-quality analysis, dialogue and debate." [1]

"Since 1999, HPG has produced an annual programme of work that combines its different core activities within a coherent thematic framework. This has given intellectual coherence of its work, helped ensure HPG's effectiveness and provided a clear basis for the mobilisation of funds. In 2005/6, thirteen different institutions – governmental, UN and NGO – provided financial support to the integrated programme. Total income in 2005/06 was £968,065. Income from commissioned work was approximately £400,000. In 2007/08, given recent growth in the size of the Group, it is anticipated that Integrated Programme funding will total around £1.4 million, and funding for commissioned work to total approximately £500,000.

"Current funders of the 0708 IP: AusAID, CIDA, IRISH AID, MFA Netherlands, SIDA, World Vision International, World Vision UK.

"Funders of commissioned work: AusAID, Care International, DFAIT Canada, CICS, DfID, Horn Relief, ICRC, IDS, OCHA, Oxfam International, Save the Children, Tufts, University of Bradford, World Bank, World Visison International, World Vision UK, WFP." [2]


Accessed December 2007: [3]



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