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Hunter Public Relations is a PR agency specializing in marketing of national consumer brands such as Campbell Soup, Kraft, Kellogg's, and Pepsi. [1]

Their PR work has included such things as unveiling the World’s Largest Flag Cake and naming Jell-O (Kraft) the Official State Snack of Utah during the height of the Olympics in Salt Lake City. [2]


The company was founded in 1989 by Barbara Hunter who has since left the company.

PR work

  • Influencer Seeding - "Third-party endorsements from trusted sources can drive sales and awareness of products almost overnight. Often referred to as the “Oprah effect,” this phenomenon can be brought about through careful and strategic seeding of a product with groups of influencers. Hunter PR maintains close relationships with many groups of influencers — celebrities, event managers, health professionals, chefs, dietitians, stylists and personal assistants — which leads to valuable testimonials from the people who influence our target consumers."[3]
  • Wine & spirits - "From new product launch parties and distillery press trips to celebrity seeding and event sponsorships, Hunter PR has extensive experience servicing — and serving — its many wine and spirits accounts." They help their clients "get ink in all the key wine and spirits columns". They have "reached outdoor enthusiasts with the Campfire Classic Cook-off Contest for Redwood Creek Wines, cleaned up beaches across the country through a partnership between Barefoot Wine and not-for-profit Surfrider, and hosted a series of traveling Mexican art exhibitions on behalf of Tequila Don Julio".
  • Consumer & home products - they work "to develop meaningful relationships with key influencers in the home improvement and DIY arenas to help spread the word about its clients, which has translated to media coverage in both niche and national outlets".
  • Health & beauty - they used "Influencer Seeding" to put a perfume brand into "the lifestyles and playgrounds of today’s teen set and garnering high-profile endorsements from some of the teens’ favorite stars". Sales of the perfume "were up 44 percent in 2006, with public relations being the only marketing tool utilized by the brand".[4]


Income and employee totals

According to O'Dwyer's, Hunter earned $8,403,301 in net fees in 2006, an increase of 18.3% over the previous year. The firm has 52 employees. [5]

PR Week ranked Hunter Public Relations as the fortieth largest independent PR agency in the United States in 2008, with 2007 revenue of $8,910,918, a 6% increase from the previous year's total revenue of $8,403,301. The ranking also notes its staff total of 55 (2006 total: 52), with $162,017 in revenue per employee.[6]


Hunter's clients as of June 2007 are:[1]

Contact details

41 Madison Avenue, 5th floor
New York, NY 10010
Phone: (212) 679-6600
Fax: (212) 679-6607
Email: hprinfo AT


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