Hurricane Katrina: International Aid

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The following are links related to International Aid offered and/or provided to the United States in support the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina.

Mexican Troops on US Soil

"A Mexican army convoy [crossed] into the United States on Thursday [September 8, 2005] to bring aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina. ... Carrying water treatment plants and mobile kitchens that can feed 7,000 people daily, the convoy bound for San Antonio is the first Mexican military unit to operate on U.S. soil since 1846."

"The Mexican government was already planning another 12-vehicle aid convoy for this week. ... It has sent a Mexican navy ship toward the Mississippi coast with rescue vehicles and helicopters. ... Mexico has sent disaster relief aid missions to other Latin American nations, but not to the United States." --Abe Levy, Associated Press, September 8, 2005.

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