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"IPAT publishes the premier assessment of normal adult personality, providing insights into behaviors for organizations selecting or developing employees, for colleges regarding student career development, or for individuals/couples in counseling settings. Headquartered in the U.S., IPAT shares services with its parent company, OPP, Ltd. in Oxford, England and together they serve hundreds of clients worldwide.

"When IPAT was founded in 1949 by ... Dr. Raymond Cattell, his Sixteen Personality Factor (16PF®) Questionnaire was a revolutionary concept for measuring normal personality. Since then, it has become the most respected and widely used measure of adult personality in the world. Cattell, who is often referred to as the father of trait personality measurement, received several awards throughout his life for his achievements in measurement and personality.

"Over the last 63 years, IPAT has updated the 16PF Questionnaire, currently on its 5th Edition and offered in 23 languages, and enhanced it by offering computer-generated interpretive reports suitable for a variety of applications. Today, qualified professionals use IPAT ability assessments and interpretive reports for employee screening, selection, and placement; performance management development; outplacement consulting; clinical counseling; career guidance; teamwork development; couple's counseling; and more.

"In January of 2003, OPP Limited, a UK-registered private limited company, purchased IPAT, bringing together IPAT's prestigious brands and nearly six decades of research with the comprehensive service and product expertise of OPP.

"In 2007, IPAT acquired Hilson Research, Inc. which was founded in 1980 by Dr.Robin Inwald. This acquisition brought in the Inwald Personality Inventory, the first broad-based, employment-related personality inventory that focused on behavioral admissions of antisocial patterns and has been used by forensic psychologists for more than 30 years. " [1]  


  Web: http://www.ipat.com  

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