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Founded in 1994, the International Relations and Security Network (ISN) is an open source information service based at the Center for Security Studies (CSS), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich.) in Zurich, Switzerland. Website:

The ISN seeks the free flow and exchange of information between international relations and security professionals globally, producing a base of research and publications that topically is diverse. The ISN's stated purpose is to facillitate a greater comprehension of the complex security environments in the world curently.

The ISN staff is comprised of individuals of varied backgrounds that includes the humanities, the social sciences, and information/communication technology.

They also have relationships with many competent partner policy orgs, both governmental and NGO, and support this network's flow of data through conferences, and seminars, as well as being the repository from which the information is exchanged electronically. The varied cooperative partnerships enable the ISN to offer a large quantity of multifaceted products and services, freely.

Principle Partners

Affiliated Partners

ISN Affiliated Partners are academic institutes, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, media, and private companies that support the ISN's goals and maintain close cooperation and dialog with the ISN.

International Orgs.

Gov. Ministries, Departments, and Institutes

Military Academies

Training Institutes

Research Inst. and NGOs in the Americas

Research Inst. and NGOs in Western Europe

Research Inst. and NGOs in East Europe and Eurasia

Media Orgs

Specialized Networks

The Center for Security Studies (CSS) and the ISN support several specialized networks by providing these with an online platform for presenting their research and with information technology expertise.

  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis and Management NetworkComprehensive Risk Analysis and Management Network -

The CRN is run in cooperation with international partners. Its focus is on national-level security risks and corresponding threat and defense strategies. The purpose of the project is to develop scientific expertise for identifying, evaluating, and analyzing security policy threats.

The PHP provides new perspectives on contemporary international history by analyzing formerly secret documents. In response to the declassification of NATO records and the growing availability of documents from archives in Eastern and Central Europe, the PHP, as an international consortium of more than 20 partner institutes, brings together leading Cold War historians, archivists, and governmental officials. They present their findings to the academic community at conferences and through hard copy and online publications. Since 1999, PHP affiliates have collected a wealth of material on security related issues from the Cold War. They have also published online documentaries on issues like mutual threat perceptions and alliance management, and have organized major international conferences on war planning, intelligence, and intra-bloc tensions.

  • Swiss Foreign and Security Policy Network -

Swiss Foreign and Security Policy Network The SSN offers comprehensive, targeted, and user-friendly access to information, activities, and research findings in the field of Swiss foreign and security policy. It provides academics, policy-makers, military personnel, and the general public with academic publications, a chronology of events relevant to Swiss security policy since 1992, an extensive collection of links, a selection of background articles from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung daily newspaper, and an events calendar. The SSN further provides dossiers on a range of Swiss security policy issues. The SSN functions as a platform for networking, dialog, and information exchange.

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