I am dying, please send lighters

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I am dying, please send lighters

The R.J. Reynolds tobacco company sent out a promotional mailer that urged smokers to collect a set of "authentic" cigarette lighters produced by the company, asking them to write about their favorite hunting, fishing and garden spots, and send in photos. A Doral smoker, terminally ill but nevertheless enamored with Doral Lights, wrote to the company:

"To Whom it may Concern, As a special favor to me. I am dying of a terminal illness. If you could be so kind, I would appreciate a set of the special lighters to have to look at. I would worship them. I collect anything from Doral. I've collected alot of your memorabilia. So I would find it a great gift and a great honor to receive these lighters. I think of them as a beautiful piece of work and art, If you could find it in your hearts and souls to please let me have a set of these wonderful lighters. I would also worship the people that were so kind as to give these lighters to me. I would also appreciate a letter from the Chairman to tell me to feel better and to appreciate the lighters.

Thank you, Gregory Scott Shofler

[Text on Promotional mailer]:

"We'd love to hear from you! Send us your favorite hunting and fishing spots. Tell us where they are, why they're your favorite and include any storied that happened along the way. Notice the second picture to the right. If you can top their catch, we want to see it!"

[Consumer responds, writing:]

During the summer I like to go hunting for herbs, berries and other nature's remedies that can be used for medicinal purposes. Of course, I always carry my Doral Lights bag along with my cigarettes to I can have a smoke while enjoying my pastime...

[Text of mailer asks, "How do you get your garden ready for spring? Whether it's planning your garden before you plant it, or finding a rare flower to grow, send us a picture and tell use about the garden that makes you proud..."]

[Consumer writes...]

To get my garden ready I till my garden and add old compost to richen the soil. If makes the soil richer just like the flavor of your Doral Lights. My garden always does so much getter when working the ground up good and keeping the weeds down. I didn't have any photos to send, sorry.

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