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Ieda Siqueira Wiarda published a book with Howard J. Wiarda in 1988 called The Transition to Democracy in Spain and Portugal pdf (and a number of other works, it appears likely that they are related). Currently works in the University of Georgia's Department of Political Science.

"Research and teaching reflect a background in Comparative Government, International Relations, and Public Policy. A Brazilian, Dr. Wiarda received her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Florida. Recipient of numerous grants, fellowships, and awards from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, the Department of State, the National Institute of Health, the Mershon Center, among others. Worked as a consultant for a variety of agencies, both public and private on matters dealing with Brazil, Latin America, and Iberia. Lectured both in the United States and abroad and taught at several campuses, among them the University of Massachusetts/Amherst. Served as course chairperson for the Foreign Service Institute/Department of State, featured in various Who's Whos, served on the Board of Directors of several international organizations. Author, coauthor, and editor of several publications, among them The Transition to Democracy in Spain and Portugal, The Democratic Revolution in Latin America, The Handbook of Portuguese Studies, and The Portuguese in Southeast Asia. Currently completing work on "Macau: Cultural Dialogue Towards a New Millennium," Symposium Proceedings.

"Served as the Luso-Brazilian Specialist at the Library of Congress and the Recommending Officer for the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Haiti, and Bolivia. Received several awards and Outstanding Rankings while working at the Library and contributed to that institution's publications on a regular basis. Received the Order of Rio Branco Medal from the Government of Brazil in 1997, the highest such civilian award in that country. Currently completing work on a Project on Brazil-United States Relations funded by Vitae Foundation (Brazil). The Project represents a collaboration between the National Library of Brazil and the Library of Congress. When the Project is online, it will be available in English and Portuguese and will be accessible to some 4,000 schools and public libraries in Brazil." [1]