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The Independent Healthcare Association' was a large charity representing the interests of the independent healthcare sector in the UK. It had a predominantly private, commercial membership.

It existed in various forms and with various names over the years. Its origins are in the "Association of Independent Hospitals and Kindred Organisations", a coalition of private health providers which were not absorbed into the National Health Service when it was started in the 1950s.

In October 2000, it negotiated with the British government over the relationship between the government and the private sector. The deal resulted in a virtual three-fold increase in private operations carried out by the private sector for the NHS, from 30,000 up to 85,000. [1]

During 2003, a number of key independent health providers withdrew from the organisation, leading to the resignation of its Chairman, Clare Hollingsworth.

In January 2004, it merged with English Care to form the English Community Care Association, providing representation only for members involved in longer term residential health and social care.


  • Barry Hassell, Chief Executive
  • Clare Hollingsworth, former Chairman, Managing Director of BUPA Hospitals
  • Hamilton Anstead, Chairman (at time of merge with English Care), Chief Executive, Four Seasons Health Care
  • Tim Evans, executive director of Public Affairs
  • Andrew Fairburn, spokesman
  • Sally Taber, head of operational policy