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The Independent Journalism Foundation (IJF) "was founded in 1991 by James L. Greenfield, a member of The New York Times' editorial board, to help fellow journalists in post-Communist countries upgrade their reporting skills, technology and business practices. He was joined by Don Wilson, a former Vice President of Time Inc., who is currently a publisher of a newspaper in New Jersey." [1]

"IJF is a non-profit organization committed to promoting free and independent media in Eastern and Central Europe and Southeast Asia. IJF's regional Centers for Independent Journalism offer training and institutional support to professional journalists and students through programs designed to serve local needs in Hungary and Romania. IJF's trainers and consultants also provide training and support to professional journalists in Southeast Asia. All of the courses taught follow the principles practiced by responsible journalists worldwide."
"IJF's first initiative was to establish the Center for Independent Journalism in Prague, before Czechoslovakia was divided into two republics, making us one of the first non-profit groups following the collapse of Communism to have a continuing presence in Eastern and Central Europe. Building on the success of the Prague Center, which closed in 2001, IJF launched Centers for Independent Journalism in Bratislava, Slovakia (1993), Bucharest, Romania (1994), Budapest, and Hungary (1995) and Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2001)." [2]


  • James L. Greenfield - PRESIDENT
  • Donald M. Wilson - VICE PRESIDENT - is publisher of Business News New Jersey, a biweekly newspaper he co-founded. He retired from Time Inc. as corporate vice president-public affairs. He was a Life correspondent for twelve years and served with USIA under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.
  • Nancy Ward - VICE-PRESIDENT AND MANAGING DIRECTOR - is responsible for IJF's management of the Centers. She has a background in international research and has extensive experience with non-profit groups.



According to Media Transparency in 1999 IJF received $5,000 from the Hickory Foundation. [4]


875 West End Avenue, Apartment 8
New York, New York 10025
Tel: 212 535 7874