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The Indigenous Dialogue Group was announced in February 2009 by the Australian Uranium Association (AUA).

In a media release announcing the formation of the group, the AUA stated that the group had been formed to "explore areas of common interest" and to "inform and shape the industry’s contribution to indigenous economic development." the AUA also announced that the co-chair of the group, Warren Mundine, had been appointed as a director of the AUA.[1]


In February 2009 the AUA stated that the founding members of the Indigenous Dialogue Group would be[1]:

  • Warren Mundine, Chief Executive Officer, NTSCorp Ltd.
  • Parry Agius, Chief Executive Officer, South Australia Native Title Services Ltd.
  • Barry Taylor, former Executive Chairman, Ngarda Civil and Mining Pty Ltd.
  • Marcia Langton, foundation Professor of Australian Indigenous Studies, University of Melbourne
  • Clinton Wolf, Consultant on indigenous economic development
  • Dean Dalla Valle, President and Chief Operating Officer, Olympic Dam, BHP Billiton Ltd.
  • Rob Atkinson, Chief Executive, Energy Resources of Australia Ltd.
  • Greg Hall, Managing Director, Toro Energy Ltd.
  • Mal Wedd, Director, Resource Development, Heathgate Resources Ltd.
  • Michael Angwin, Executive Director, Australian Uranium Association

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