Inescapable calling of our generation

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The inescapable calling of our generation is to PREVENT the perpetual global warfare being promoted by the Bush regime and his neocon cabal, by first terminating their insistent PROVOCATION thereof.

...which is why Peace Action published, on 29 March 2004, a formal dis-endorsement of the Bush presidency for the U.S. presidential election, 2004, stating:

George W. Bush's foreign policy is counterintuitive, radical and dangerous. Because of Bush's pursuit of security through aggression and unilateralism, its planned building of new U.S. nuclear weapons and its exportation of the weapons around the world, Bush has pushed this country and the world towards a cataclysm rather than towards safety. Bush has been so harmful to progress on the issues of nuclear disarmament, international cooperation, the arms trade and the elimination of war as a means of resolving international conflict that this country and the world cannot risk another four years of his failed leadership. We feel we have no choice but to issue this unusual 'dis-endorsement'," said Kevin Martin, Executive Director of Peace Action PAC.
Bush and his administration of radical right recidivists -- Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Negroponte, Abrams et al -- are proponents of the discredited violent policies of the last century. Because there are new threats, we must have a new, smarter foreign policy that is based on American democratic values, not simply a more brutal and violent one based on perceived expediency. Bush's foreign policy has done much damage to U.S and world security and that damage will take years to remediate. His foreign policy, in terms of human life lost worldwide, so far, has been akin to more than four World Trade Center attacks. This policy of institutionalized violence will guarantee more terror attacks on the U.S. and cannot be allowed to continue for another four years." concluded Martin.

The phrase was used by George W. Bush, on 19 March 2004 in his campaign for the 2004 election, during which he proclaimed that "The war on terror is not a figure of speech. It is an inescapable calling of our generation." [1]