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The Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society (IMPACS) was "a Canadian charitable organization committed to the protection and expansion of democracy and to strengthening civil society." [1]

In March 2007 the IMPACS Board of Directors announced that the group had "ceased operations and made a voluntary assignment into bankruptcy effective March 21, 2007. C. Topley & Company Ltd. has been appointed as trustee in bankruptcy and will be administering the affairs of IMPACS for the benefit of its creditors." [1]

The board stated that the main reason for winding the organisation up was "the lack of what is often called "core-funding,"i.e. revenue sources from operations or grants from governments or foundations that can sustain what is even the modest central management function at the heart of any organization."[2]


Media Programs

IMPACS Media and Elections Response Centre

  • Afghanistan Media and Elections Initiatives
  • Cambodia Media and Elections Project, 2003
  • Guyana: Empowering the Media to Ease Racial and Political Tensions
  • IMPACS Media and Elections Training Seminar, Toronto, Feb. 2004

IMPACS Media and Peacebuilding Program

  • Afghanistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Conflict Conscious News Management in Nepal's peace process: Lessons from Sri Lanka
  • Cambodia Journalists' Training Project


Afghanistan Media and Elections Initiatives

Project Aims : "In preparation for the first post-Taliban era elections, IMPACS embarked on a wide-scale project designed to strengthen Afghan media's capability to engage in elections coverage. The project is a long-term effort that started with media capacity building for the coverage of the Constitutional Loya Jirga (held during December 2003 and January 2004) and continues with training and content production in preparation for the presidential elections scheduled for October 2004." [3]

"Since August 2002, IMPACS has established four independent women-managed radio stations and a newspaper. Together they form the Parwana Media Network:

Partners and Supporters





Source Staff

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The Internet Archive for the groups former website can be found at:

  • "Statement by IMPACS Board - March 21, 2007, Internet Archive, accessed July 2007.
  • "Statement by IMPACS Board - March 21, 2007, Internet Archive, accessed July 2007.