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From the organization's website:

Welcome to the website of the Institute on Religion and Democracy.  Since 1981 the IRD has worked to reform the social and political witness of the American churches, while also promoting democracy and religious freedom at home and abroad. 

Our church reform work at times requires us to critique our churches.  In particular, the "mainline" Protestant churches in our country have suffered shocking membership losses in recent decades.  Once America's premier churches, the mainliners are now only one-third of US church members.  This decline shows that something is seriously wrong.  But despite the decline, mainline bureaucrats continue to push a secular agenda of the Left instead of the timeless message of Jesus Christ. 


... monitors denominational agencies and leaders

"We help church members battle for renewal within their denominations, arming them with facts, and helping them to reach other concerned churchgoers across the nation. IRD drafts resolutions for church assemblies and sponsors educational events seeking widespread support for church reform. This allows our members to act directly in the development of church policies and have a voice in the decision-making bodies of the church. This is what makes IRD unique.  This grassroots activism is carried on through our denominational programs: UM Action, Presbyterian Action, and Episcopal Action."

"The IRD is committed to working through coalitions.  In particular, we work with renewal groups within a number of denominations throughout North America in the Association for Church Renewal."

... publishes Faith and Freedom.  "The 16-page newsletter covers critical issues facing American churches today and gives an insider's look at trends within our churches.  It's "must reading" for informed church members."  

(Mrs. Diane L. Knippers, IRD President, is an active conservative Episcopalian and serves on the board of the dissident American Anglican Council.)