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Integrys Energy Group
Type Public (NYSETEG)
Headquarters 130 East Randolph Dr.
Chicago, IL 60601
Area served IL, MI, MN, OH, WI
Key people Larry L. Weyers, CEO
Industry Electric Producer, Distributor, & Utility
Natural Gas Utility
Products Electricity, Natural Gas
Revenue $10.29 billion (2007)[1]
Net income $251.3 million (2007)[1]
Employees 5,321 (2007)
Subsidiaries Upper Peninsula Power
Wisconsin Public Service
Michigan Gas Utilities
Minnesota Energy Resources
North Shore Gas
Peoples Gas
Integrys Energy Services

Integrys Energy Group, Inc. is an energy company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It was formed by the merger of WPS Resources Corp. and Peoples Energy Corp. on Feb. 21, 2007. Its current CEO is Larry Weyers.

Its regulated utilities are Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, Upper Peninsula Power Company, Minnesota Energy Resources Corp., Michigan Gas Utilities Corp., Peoples Gas, and North Shore Gas. These spread across Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan. Its nonregulated subsidiary, Integrys Energy Services, Inc. (formerly WPS Energy Services, Inc.), serves customers in the Midwest, Northeast, Texas, and Eastern Canada.

Power portfolio

Out of its total 2,734 megawatts (MW) of electric generating capacity in 2005 (0.26% of the U.S. total), Integrys produces 54.7% from coal, 29.0% from natural gas, 6.4% from oil, 5.0% from hydroelectricity, and 0.4% from wind. Integrys owns power plants in Maine, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin; 64.7% of Integrys' generating capacity comes from power plants in Wisconsin.[2]

Existing coal-fired power plants

Integrys owned 19 coal-fired generating stations in 2005, with 1,495 MW of capacity. Here is a list of Integrys' coal power plants with capacity over 100 MW:[2][3][4]

Plant Name State County Year(s) Built Capacity 2007 CO2 Emissions 2006 SO2 Emissions
Weston WI Marathon 1954-60, 1981 492 MW 4,396,000 tons 12,596 tons
Sunbury PA Snyder 1949, 1951, 1953 425 MW 2,081,000 tons 45,297 tons
Pulliam WI Brown 1943-64 410 MW 3,167,000 tons 10,869 tons

In 2006, Integrys' 3 major coal-fired power plants emitted 9.6 million tons of CO2 and 69,000 tons of SO2.

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