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According to a profile of International Family Entertainment Inc., the company "produces, exhibits and distributes entertainment programming and related products targeted at growing families of the "baby boom" generation. The company owns and operates "The Family Channel", an advertiser-supported basic cable television network that provides family oriented entertainment programming to approximately 64 million cable households. The company operates in three business segments, the operation of advertiser-supported cable networks, the production of and the distribution, syndication and licensing to others of television programming and the production of live entertainment events. The company also operates a production studio in the United Kingdom. Cable networks accounted for 69% of 1996 revenues; production and distribution, 29% and live entertainment, 2%." [1]


Employees -- 840

Contact information

2877 Guardian Lane
Virginia Beach, Va. 23452
Phone: 804-459-6000

Main Business -- Cable television programming

Founded -- 1989

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