International Forum for Democratic Studies

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The International Forum for Democratic Studies was set up by the National Endowment for Democracy in 1994. According to their website they are:

"A premier center for analysis and discussion of the theory and practice of democratic development worldwide, and a clearinghouse for information on groups and institutions working to achieve and maintain democracy around the world.
"...the Forum seeks to bridge the gap that often separates democratic thought and research from the practice and promotion of democracy. Through its publications, conferences, and academic networking, the Forum also supports and enhances the NED's grants program.
"The Forum's activities involve and benefit scholars, policy makers, and activists from around the world representing diverse experiences and views. As part of its core mission linking democracy scholars and research centers in every region of the world, the Forum has initiated four interrelated programs:
  • "Research and Conferences - through a combination of international conferences and meetings, analyzes the practical and theoretical aspects of democracy and democratization.
  • "Democracy Resource Center - a library that facilitates democracy research through the developing of Internet research aides, online databases, and maintains a large collection of materials on democracy.
  • "The Journal of Democracy - a quarterly magazine and book series.
  • "The Fellowship Programs - enables democracy activists, scholars, and journalists from around the world to spend time in residence at the Forum." [1]