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International Media Services is part of the IMS Companies group which was launched in 1996.


"Pranay Gupte, Publisher and Editor-in Chief of the Earth Times, announced the formation of International Media Services, LLC ("IMS"), a New York State limited liability company that has already begun production and delivery of custom designed newspapers in print and on the Web for the sponsors of major international business and diplomatic conferences in the United States and overseas.

""Our experience in publishing the Earth Times since it was formed in 1992 for the Earth Summit in Rio, has convinced us that there is an expanding need for sponsors of international conferences to supplement their sessions with relevant information about the conference before, during and after it takes place," Mr. Gupte said.

"Since the Earth Summit, the editorial team associated with IMS has produced print and/or Web dailies at conferences in various locations, including Barbados, Beijing, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cancun, Davos, Geneva, The Hague, Istanbul, Kyoto, Lyons, Mexico City, New Delhi, Paris, Rome, Santiago, Singapore, Vienna and Washington.

"IMS has secured commitments from the Council on Foreign Relations to run selections from its prestigious Foreign Affairs magazine in the conference papers. It will also be carrying news from The New York Times, under a long-standing arrangement with TimesFax. Tribune de Geneve, the major newspaper in Geneva, Switzerland, will also maintain a production relationship with IMS.

"IMS has already received invitations to publish daily newspapers at the UN General Assembly's Special Session on HIV/AIDS at UN Headquarters in June 2001; at the International Climate Change Conference in Bonn in July 2001; at the Global Conference on Racism in Durban in August 2001; and more than a dozen other international meetings through the end of 2002.

"There are more than 50 global conferences on the international calendar each year, including annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

"IMS will also create special newspapers for annual meetings of multinational corporations and organisations.

"IMS also plans to produce institutional newsletters under contract from corporations and international organisations.

"Specifically, IMS plans to serve commercial banking and capital markets, and the business and government organisations of the global financial community.

"In support of conferences dealing with climate change, IMS has launched a Web site ( ) serving as a nonpartisan international forum on the pros and cons of the battle troubling the nations of the world: "Will Global Warming Destroy Our Planet or Will the Proposed Cure Destroy the World's Economy?" The Web site will provide an ongoing watch on the battle, setting forth the key scientific, economic and political issues in juxtaposition to one another.

"Theodore W. Kheel, the eminent lawyer and mediator, will moderate the Web site, which is expected to be operational on Monday, May 21.

""In view of the substantial record of our staff in reaching such prestigious audiences," Mr. Gupte added, "IMS offers a unique and timely opportunity for any institution seeking to highlight its accomplishments and to project its messages before the world's powerful decision-makers. Overall, our company can be characterised as a quality producer of custom conference newspapers, Web sites and newsletters reported, edited, and designed by world-renowned, award-winning journalists with long experience at The New York Times, Newsweek, NBC News, Financial Times, and other international media institutions."

"In addition to serving as president of International Media Services, Mr. Gupte will continue to be publisher and editor-in chief of The Earth Times, the leading international newspaper on the human environment and related economic, humanitarian and social issues. Mr. Gupte is also a columnist for Newsweek International, and a former foreign correspondent and staff reporter for The New York Times." [1]

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