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The Iowa Energy Forum is an astroturf frontgroup for the oil and gas industries, financed by the American Petroleum Institute, that claims to be a grassroots energy advocacy group, a "growing community of concerned citizens committed to two goals – achieving energy security for our country and holding our elected officials accountable in shaping energy policies." [1] The group is also listed as a "member of America's Energy Forum".

A recent article by Lee Fang posted at Think Progress, exposed this "grassroots" group in it's attempts to influence public opinion and garner candidate support for oil and gas interests by planting audience questions at local primary election campaign stops in Iowa. Fang says that, Daniel Weiser's company, "Iowa lobbying firm Capitol Strategies helped set up the forum." and the article also identifies public relations and lobbying firm LS2g and it's partners Chuck Larson and Karen Slifka, former Republican Party operatives, who manage the Iowa Energy Forum and the LS2g office serves as the group’s headquarters.[2]


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