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Iraq Forum for Reconstruction and Development LLC (IFRAD) web site states that the web site itself "is for Informational purposes only at present. Once the Security Issues in Iraq are under control IFRAD will premier our actual site. IFRAD's Chief Executive Manager, Vassil C. Yanco [is] assisting the CPA inside Iraq."

NOTE: All IFRAD copy is presented unedited. The "CPA" cited above is the Coalition Provisional Authority.

IFRAD's Mission Statement

"IFRAD's mission is to, enhance the welfare of everyone living and working in Iraq, encouraging the growth of the democratic process in Iraq, and the integration of Iraq into the world's economies. IFRAD's focus is to boost the private sector and encourage the Reconstruction and Development of Iraq, and assistance to the various business sectors in Iraq. IFRAD will facilitate investments as well as the provision of products and services to Iraq during its transformation. Hence, impediments to business operations and risk identification in electrical energy, agriculture, oil, infrastructure, water management, transportation, government, telecommunications, health, technology and education are the key focus of IFRAD's work."


"The Iraq Forum for Reconstruction and Development (IFRAD) was founded in August 2003, as an LLC with its headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, by Iraqis and BiCulture US businessmen to provide technical and economic assistance to all domestic and foreign entities in search of business opportunities in the country of Iraq. IFRAD intends to open a 6 branch offices in Iraq once the security issues are dealt with to IFRAD'S satisfaction. IFRAD has begun to play a key role in helping Iraq in the Reconstruction and Development of its full potential. IFRAD's Cheif Executive Manger, Vassil C. Yanco, is already in Iraq helping the CPA strengthen the management skills and capacity of local administrations and civic institutions to improve delivery of essential municipal services such as water, health, public sanitation and economic governance; includes training programs in communications, conflict resolution, leadership skills and political analysis. IFRAD, therefore, will encourage economic development and growth in Iraq by increasing the awareness of opportunities for US companies. Expatriate Iraqis' will be encouraged to return and assist in investment opportunities and participate in rebuilding Iraq. IFRAD will continue paving the way for successful business ventures in the country through a range of activities that introduce, promote and sustain rule of commercial law, corporate governance, anti-corruption, small business and private sector initiatives. IFRAD members will be involved in the entire process of economic growth and business development in a peaceful and stable Iraq. IFRAD's understanding of the law, trade, politics, economics and market culture of both the US and Iraq provides US Companies with all of the tools necessary to explore business opportunities in Iraq, while reducing the cost of exploratory travel, evaluation and doing business there. IFRAD provides all the in country services a business needs to be successful in Iraq."

IFRAD will achieve its above-stated objectives by:

"Increasing the awareness of US companies regarding business opportunities in Iraq by arranging contacts in Iraq and publishing a Bi-Weekly Insider Newsletter to address business issues and opportunities in Iraq.

"Assisting in the reconstruction and development of Iraq's infrastructure while helping reform the political, social and legal sectors.

"Assisting the restructuring and development of the Iraqi economy, especially government and financial institutions while integrating, the 'NEW IRAQ' into a free market economy promoting its integration into the regional and world economies.

"Help to create sustainable economic growth and development in Iraq, especially in agriculture, oil industry, water management, telecommunication, health, electrical energy, and education.

"Promoting the welfare and improving the daily lives of everyone in Iraq, while advancing human rights, introducing democracy and social reforms through business and economic segments.

"Contributing to the revitalization of the economy of the Middle East and the stability of the region by making a new, open, and prosperous 'NEW IRAQ' a model for the whole region.

"Holding 5 conferences and workshops with speakers from Iraq in Washington DC for government, Houston, Texas for energy and telecommunications, and St. Louis, Missouri for agriculture. To help US companies understand how to do business in the 'NEW IRAQ' and make the contacts to be successful there.

"Sponsoring activities that promote a unified, democratic, non-sectarian, free market Iraq.

"IFRAD encourages all US Companies as well as Iraqi professionals and expatriates interested in exploring the new opportunities in Iraq to join with IFRAD by contacting our Managing Director, Ronald Snyder at"

"Services provided in Iraq:

  • Personnel Recruitments, Offices, Housing, Transport, Security and any other administrative services not specified.
  • Consultancies: Legal, Financial, and Cultural
  • Subcontracting: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Labor

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