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According to the organization's web site, the Iraq Policy Information Project (IPIP) "exists to spur informed national debate about George Walker Bush administration policy toward Iraq and to broaden US media coverage of the impending Iraq policy crisis. IPIP offers one-stop shopping for journalists and others seeking credible sources on the consequences of a precipitous US-led attack on Iraq.

"Established in September 2002, IPIP functions as a 'war room' media operation, making experts available for rapid response to unfolding events in the Congressional and international debates, and actions by the White House. We are in regular contact with members of the military, diplomatic, foreign policy and intelligence communities and other experts who will be available to journalists. IPIP issues brief background papers raising specific Iraq-policy-related issues. IPIP stands ready to assist like-minded organizations with public relations advice. We offer voices of dissent from US policy from diverse bipartisan sources.

"Who we are:

"The Iraq Policy Information Project was formed under the sponsorship of the Center for International Policy, in Washington, DC. The Center for International Policy has sponsored 25 years of citizen diplomacy, promoting a US foreign policy based on international cooperation, demilitarization, and respect for human rights. The day-to-day operation of the Project is managed by Fenton Communications, the public interest public relations firm.

"Why IPIP?

"Most of the initial US coverage on the Iraq issue carried the message that the Bush administration was insistent on attacking Iraq and that the only open question was 'not whether, but when.' IPIP is supported by foundations and individual donors who have been alarmed by the sense of inevitability of war conveyed by the dominant media and who believe that foreign policy, like other issues in a democracy, should be the product of informed debate."

Expert Sources at IPIP


Weapons of mass destruction Proliferation and Inspection Experts

Foreign Policy Experts/Former Officials

  • Morton Halperin: Former Defense and State Department official; Director, Washington Office, Open Society Institute. Expertise: terrorism, state building, nuclear weapons policy.
  • John J. Mearsheimer: Professor of Political Science, Univ of Chicago; leading international relations scholar. Expertise: Written extensively on security issues and international politics; known for strong "realist" perspective; co-organized a letter signed by 33 prominent academics that ran in the NYT as an ad on 9/26/03.
  • Ted Galen Carpenter: Cato Institute, Vice President for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies. Expertise: Libertarian, foremost advocate of U.S. security policy that minimizes costs and risks; recommends "strategic independence" and avoids most alliances and nation-building missions.
  • Joe Sobran: Conservative commentator and columnist. Former Senior editor of National Review. Expertise: Foreign policy, presents the arguments against U.S. military intervention except in self-defense of the U.S. proper and with a declaration of war.
  • Stephen Walt: Professor of Political Science, Harvard; Academic Dean at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Expertise: terrorism, U.S. foreign policy; a leading "realist" international relations scholar. Co-organized a letter signed by 33 prominent academics that ran in the NYT as an ad on 9/26/03.

Public Opinion

Military Experts


Iraq Policy Information Project
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