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As the Iraqi International Law Group (IILG) founder, "Salem Chalabi (nephew of Ahmed Chalabi[1]), formerly of Clifford Chance, London, has said, "the challenges of the New Iraq are formidable, even daunting, but the spirit and talent of the Iraqi nation cannot be gainsaid. Coupled with the best the West has to offer, the traditions and spirit of this cradle of civilization mean that success is all but inevitable. We formed IILG to help forge those bonds."

The lawyers and professionals of IILG have dared to take the lead in bringing private sector investment and experience to the New Iraq. Our task is to provide a "last mile" connection between foreign capital, initiative, technology, experience and know-how and the organizations, enterprises, institutions and entrepreneurs in Iraq eager to rebuild this ancient and war-torn country, to catalyze and ignite the realization of the New Iraq's huge economic potential.

IILG Web site:

"Interestingly, the firm's website is not registered in Salem Chalabi's name but in the name of Marc Zell, whose address is given as Suite 716, 1800 K Street, Washington. That is the address of the Washington office of Zell, Goldberg & Co, which claims to be "one of Israel's fastest-growing business-oriented law firms", and the related FANDZ International Law Group.
The unusual name "FANDZ" was concocted from "F and Z", the Z being Marc Zell and the F being Douglas Feith. The two men were law partners until 2001, when Feith took up his Pentagon post as undersecretary of defence for policy." [2]

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