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Biographical Information

"Ivan Ussach has been drumming and exploring life’s rhythms since an early age. He grew up in and around New York City, receiving a Public Health degree from Columbia University and working for municipal environmental agencies before confounding the Rainforest Alliance and developing the Smart Wood Program. In his mid-thirties his concern for personal balance led him to rural community life and certification as a practitioner of yoga, transformational breathwork and Reiki. With his partner, a journalist-turned-organic farmer, Ivan currently caretakes a historic cabin and surrounding forest and pond in Petersham, MA. Ivan is active locally and regionally in watershed protection, environmental education, community development and town government. He also explores and promotes music, theater and healing work. He continues to promote practical means of achieving personal and global balance, including ecological foot-printing and the eco-spiritual work of the Sacred Earth Network, on whose board he has served since 1990." [1]


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