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"Jürgen Werner Kremer, Ph.D., Diplompsychologe, is the author of Towards a Person-Centered Resolution of Intercultural Conflicts. He teaches psychology in the Behavioral Sciences Department of the Santa Rosa Junior College and is a clinical psychologist by training. Additionally he contributes to graduate programs at Institute of Imaginal Studies, Saybrook Institute, and Sonoma State. He is former Dean of Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Saybrook Institute; Academic Dean, Chair of the Integral Studies and East-West Psychology Program, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS); and Co-Director of the Ph.D. program for Traditional Knowledge, CIIS. He has edited numerous ReVision special issues, incl. Peace and Identity; Paradigmatic Challenges; Culture and Ways of Knowing; Indigenous Science; Trance and Healing; Identity and Peace; and Transformative Learning. He has lately published on such issues as: Old Norse mythology, modern consciousness and indigenous wisdom, trance, the history of sense alienation in Euro-centered cultures, his travels in Sápmi (Lappland), the symbol of the bear in northern Eurasian mythic stories, tricksters of the trans/personal, the obligations of a white man, and violence against indigenous peoples. His most recent publications are Bearing Obligation (in Wo(men) and Bears – The Gifts of Nature, Culture and Gender Revisited, Inanna at York University) and, together with Stanley Krippner, Hypnotic-like Procedures in Indigenous Shamanism and Mediumship (Handbook for Hypnosis)."[1] [1]

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