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Dr James Arvanitakis

"He co-convenes The Commons Institute, established in recognition that the concept of the commons is currently under threat in our society; that public space and resources once considered as human rights are being “enclosed”.

"He has co-founded “Plus 20” - a project aimed to envisage the type of Australia that we want in 20 years time.

"Dr Arvanitakis has held various positions with AID/WATCH, including that of Director, he remains involved with that organisation and is on its board. He is also involved with Oxfam Australia’s International Youth Parliament, where he edited their major report for 2004 titled: “Highly affected, rarely considered: the impact of globalisation on young people”.

"He is also on the Policy Advisory Board of New Matilda and chairs the Mercury Centre." [1]

In 2002 he was "a PhD student attempting to write a thesis titled "Redesigning the Global Economy". He is also Board member of AID/WATCH, and helps coordinate the Research Initiative on International Activism." (2002) [2]

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