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Dr. James R. Leininger, "San Antonio physician and hospital-bed magnate" is a "conservative and devoutly religious Republican businessman." Leininger is one of the biggest funders of conservative causes in Texas. During the decade 1987-1997, Leininger "spent more than $1.4 million of his personal fortune to affect how Texans vote and another $3.2 million to change how Texans think on political issues such as tort reform and private school vouchers." [1][2]

Organizations Founded by Leininger

Organizations Funded by Leininger

Business Affiliations

  • The Beginner's Bible, "holds the trademark license" and to "its supplemental coloring books for children."
  • Focus Direct, Owner; "a direct mail company hired by conservative Republican candidates statewide – often with money Leininger has donated to them"; "Clients include Delta Airlines, Ralston-Purina, the Texas Republican Party, Oregon Public Radio, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)/Klan Watch, an Alabama-based nonprofit that monitors far-right, potentially violent groups."
  • Home Court America, Part owner; "San Antonio basketball and gymnasium facility located in the northwest suburbs."
  • Kinetic Concepts International (KCI), Third owner; "medical bed and supply company" sold and no longer publicly-held.
  • Mission City Food Co., Co-owner; "a parent company of Promised Land Dairy and other food-processing groups such as Sunday House smoked turkey."
  • Mission City Properties, Owner; "a San Antonio-based commercial real estate company. He houses many of his political action committees and other groups in these properties."
  • Mission City Television, "San Antonio company produces videotapes for commercials and other TV formats."
  • The Spurs, "Leininger holds an estimated 10% interest in the San Antonio basketball team."
  • Sunday House, Co-owner; "Fredericksburg company that makes and markets smoked turkeys."
  • TXN, started and/or financed "the failed 'The News of Texas', a 24-hour Texas news cable network."
  • Whole Foods private label milk.
  • Winning Strategies, controlling interest; "a political consulting company with a client list that includes the Christian Coalition."

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