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Biographical Information

Janet Kataaha Museveni (née Kainembabazi, born June 24, 1948) is the First Lady of Uganda since May 1986. She is married to Yoweri Museveni. As she notes on her web site:

"Serving, for me has always flowed from my belief in the purpose that God gave me here on earth. To serve mankind, is to serve God and therefore to serve a higher purpose and answer to even a much higher calling. This calling goes beyond position and influence, as the world sees it, but calls for a lot more responsibility, great care and courage in the face of challenges. It is that responsibility tat we have tried to emphasise in all our organizations and want to pass on to the next generation. Our work has been an attempt at showing gratitude to God for the life he has given us and for returning our country to a path of growth and development; a path that cares for human lives and is optimistic about the future. Please join me to enhance this path for the next generation." [1]

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