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Janusian Security Risk Management Ltd (JSRM) describes itself as an "alternative in security risk management". [1]. It is a subsidiary of The Risk Advisory Group [2]

Janusian Security Risk Management Ltd is a subsidiary of The Risk Advisory Group formed in 1997 by Arish Turle as an extension of their already established risk management services to provide security and defence for personnel and assets from terrorism, political violence and crime. JSRM is 75% owned by TRAG and 25% owned by the principals. Though acting independently of TRAG, they can draw upon the enormous resources of their parent company [3].

The managing director, Dr. David Claridge, brings to the company an expertise on terrorism that is reflected in his doctoral work at St. Andrews and the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence[4], an organization he helped establish and served as the Operational Director of until graduating in 1999 with a PhD in International Relations. He is also found quoted or interviewed in mainstream media outlets around the world, including CNN [5] and ABC [6] and FOX, where he states on his trade, "It is traditionally globally an unregulated industry except with a few exceptions. Iraq is forcing the industry to grow up and consider how the industry should be regulated."[7]

In conjunction with the RAND Corporation, JSRM had a conference on May 27, 2004, with 88 corporations participating, to discuss the dangers of terrorism to international business. The general consensus was not reassuring as only 16% felt the current efforts deterred terrorist activities, and 93% felt the Iraq War increased terrorist activities [8][9][10]

Janusian Security Risk Management is part of the Iraq Suppliers group which is part of the Reconstructing process in Iraq [11] [12]

JSRM has been in Iraq since April 17, 2003 and has since led three secure trade delegations into Baghdad for Western companies, and they have established access to CPA, Ministries and the business community. The main people in charge have the trademark backgrounds for security companies from England with years of collective experience from Britain's array of Special Forces units, and they hire almost directly from the British military.

Janusian is a member of the British Association of Private Security Companies and the Private Security Company Association of Iraq.


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